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Our brands reflect our close relationship with our industry sectors. We’ve developed smarter, more efficient and cost effective ways of working that no professional can afford to be without. Many of our own branded products and solutions are guaranteed and underwritten for that complete peace of mind on any project.

Atrim offers a range of tiling trims for the protection and finishing of tiled edges, including a comprehensive selection of top quality profiles for retailers, contractors and specifiers that is second to none. Our professional range of tile trims, movement joints and stair nosings can be specified for large construction projects, including new-build housing, swimming pools and leisure complexes or shopping centres.
The ultimate tile backer board systems and preformed shower trays found at the heart of all good tiling. The Dukkaboard® tile backerboard system is made up of three product ranges – flat panels, shower trays and creative panels, supported by a comprehensive range of accessories and waterproofing products.
Dukkaboard® panels and accessories quickly creates an ideal substrate for thin or thick-bed tile adhesive or render finishes to walls and floors.
A comprehensive range of high quality tiling tools designed exclusively for professional tillers. Forte products are built on Precision, Quality and Strength. Forte freestanding merchandise unit holds over 250 sku’s maximising the diversity of the product range and aiding customers in their selection
HG Premium Surface Care Products offer convenient solutions for every surface in your home including stainless steel, glass/ceramic smooth top & cook top ranges, granite, leather, floors, wood, jewellery, glass, silver and many more.
To represent GreenBuilding, the new low environmental impact approach to building that safeguards the health and wellbeing of people. We think, develop and produce innovative solutions that focus on the environment and on improving both health and quality of life by using eco-friendly and naturally breathable building materials.
A range of special products for cleaning, protecting and maintaining ceramics, natural and artificial stone in the following product lines: UNI for Ceramics and Natural Stone, KF for Ceramic and Porcelain Tiles, TC for Cotto and Terracotta, MN for Natural and Artificial Stone, PRO for Professional Users, HOME Products for around the Home.
The LTP range of cleaners, sealers and maintenance products is easy to understand, ideal for both retail and professional customers and can be used on walls and floors, both internally and externally.
MAPEI is worldwide leader in products for building industry, adhesive, sealants and chemical products for construction. We manufacture total systems for the installation of floor coverings in commercial and residential construction.
Marshalltown is an American manufacturer of construction tools for various uses such as masonry, concrete, drywall, plastering, flooring, exterior insulation, and many others, offering products for professionals and do-it-yourselfers in asphalt, brick, concrete, drywall, EIFS, flooring, paint, plaster, stucco, tile and wallpaper.
Get a grip with Python. Python, a leading brand of professional adhesives and grouts are committed to offer a range of products for all tiling applications manufactured to the highest standards. Python is a preferred choice for contractors, architects and specifiers, to provide a trusted finish in the tiled environment.
Every single item, from the simplest tool to the most complicated machine, is developed according to the needs of the professional, aiming at three targets: to improve the quality of the finished work, to increase productivity, and to reduce operator fatigue. Product range includes Overhead Rail Saws & Trolley Saws, Manual Tile Cutters, Profiling & Polishing Tools, Power Mixers, Electric Sponge Machines and Floor Preparation Machines.
RUBI® produce all the tools required for the building professional and machines required to complete the most ambitious and prestigious building projects. In the RUBITOOLS® range, the building professional will find the most comprehensive range of tools and machinery for building work, cleaning and treatment products, plus tools required for their application.
Machines and tools for working and installation of ceramic and porcelain tiles. Range includes Sigma Accessories, Sigma Kera-Cut, Sigma Kera-Cut Accessories, Sigma Klick-Klock Tile Cutters, Sigma Max Tile Cutters, Sigma Pull Tile Cutters, Sigma Push Tile Cutters.
Thermonet is the Ultimate in infloor heating. The Thermonet infloor heating system has been proven to achieve optimum energy saving performance while being effective in being your primary heating source.
A technically advanced range of diamond blades capable of cutting a wide range of materials. The TIGR Range has serviced the civil engineering and groundwork contractor market for over a decade, offering market-leading diamond blades and cutting tools. Premium quality blades that have a reputation for durability, safety and cost effective performance suitable for cutting Ceramic, Porcelain, Glass, Granite, Marble, Blocks, Tarmac, Asphalt and Concrete.
Vulcaseal provide a range of high performance cleaning, sealing and protective products for stone, porcelain, terracotta, marble, ceramic, sandstone and cement.
The Vulcaseal Professional Range holds top performance chemicals that have been developed for large industrial and high end applications. All Vulcaseal products are water based, giving immense application and eco friendly advantages – Formulated to the strictest of ecological standards.

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