Kempinski Hotel, Mall of the Emirates, Dubai UAE

Project Information

Trimline were hired to design a wet room system for 405 luxury bathrooms for 5-Star Kempinksi Hotel, Mall of the Emirates, Dubai. The previous system, designed by another firm, had failed and had begun to leak. A new system was required for immediate installation to avoid further damage, and to limit the loss of revenue due to downtime.

Trimline recommended and designed a bespoke waterproof tile backer board system (Dukkaboard), guaranteed waterproof for 25 years. Not only did the system resolve the client’s problem to a 5-star standard, but it reduced installation time by an average of 7 days per room- saving the hotel over three quarters of a million pounds in potential lost bookings.

Initially hired to design and provide the waterproof tile backer board systems, Trimline also provided paint and tape (Aqua 77), tile adhesive (Kerakoll), grout (Kerakoll), self-levelling compound and additional products. Trimline designed, signed off on CAD drawings, and worked closely with ISG Middle East to specify the products required.

By overseeing installation and providing on-site support, Trimline ensured all fitters were fully trained to install the product- even creating a mock-up of the system on-site. Trimline employed staff in Dubai to be available 24/7 throughout the project, which was completed in 3 phases, over an 18 month period.

The team set up a dedicated warehouse in Dubai, at no cost to the client. This guaranteed speedy delivery of products, and eliminated potential delays. By conducting air-freight deliveries in anticipation of the client’s needs, Trimline ensured all products would be available when they were needed.

Before the project began Trimline invited ISG Middle East to a live-site in the UK, where they could see the waterproof backer board system in action. This enabled them to select the option with confidence that it would suit project needs.

The Kempinski Hotel project was a success. The client was pleased not only with the end result, but with the level of service and guidance provided at every stage of the project. As a result, Trimline have been retained to work on further projects with ISG Middle East set to begin early in 2016.